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Star private101

Group Founder: ladibud
Description: all forum ppl welcome, let's hear what u sound like!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 267
Category: People > Alternative

Topics (6)

go voice age (11) bobdylan
I'd it just me or do voices sound different ages to the voice owners confuse.gif Sadie sounds 19 , Nikkei sounds 52 and mz.c sounds about 15 ....STONE LMAO.gif

go Hey [134] shadow27
only 4 people so far? That's so slack!

go thank you all! (23) ladibud
Thank u all for the uploads so far... It has been great hearin u all, been fun for a change in here... Keep them comin and really everyone is welcome to join the group and to upload, this is not an ex...

go twi (5) bobdylan
pmpl.gif fking epic bwahahahahahaha

go cutest dinosaur ever!! (5) nikkei
Aww bobs sp*wn aww.gif raaaaaahh.

go oilygash (6) bobdylan
faint.gif I just listened to my own version of oilygash and cringed hahaha

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Files (123)

1 Elvis sings Bohemian Rhapsody
2 untitled
3 untitled
4 po*pies
5 wally2016
6 DJ.01
7 jess to tats.
8 twice
9 Msdeedee
10 Msdeedee
11 batty
12 I do
13 Mysterious
14 Icerose talks dirty
15 Greetings from Icerose ft Crazy Dawgs