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Subject: Hey
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ladibud 13.09.12 - 07:16pm
U have a gorgeous voice xx *

figtree 13.09.12 - 07:49pm
Xoxo *

vampboy 14.09.12 - 03:23am
wave.GIF *

icerose1 14.09.12 - 04:25am
Awww! Thanks xx *

icerose1 14.09.12 - 05:09am
Wait! Did u mean Figtree's voice?? pmpl.GIF Btw,I heard yours! Awww,South African accent is hot lust.GIF I laughed when I heard Mz.c threatening Bob lol *

ladibud 14.09.12 - 05:57am
I meant ur voice @ Icey x hey i4ni, ur clip isn't workin for me... Sort it pr*nto! *

figtree 14.09.12 - 06:36am
Ya ur voice is hearts.GIF @ icerose1. You sound almost SA'n. Lol.GIF Were you faking it? (Sceptic) *

icerose1 14.09.12 - 06:57am
Oh,right! Awww! Thanks! pmpl.GIF No that is my real voice! Even though I snorted at the end facepalm.GIF Yeah,i4ni's clip isnt working for me either! *

figtree 14.09.12 - 07:08am
Listen to how I sound like when I just woke up! Pmpl.GIF. *

icerose1 14.09.12 - 07:36am
You sound fine..My voice s deep in the morning lol.GIF And aww @ Rocket happy.GIF *

figtree 14.09.12 - 08:40am
Hehe.GIF Thanks! Blush.GIF Yeah. Rocket is so cute! Hug.GIF *

sally 14.09.12 - 08:22pm
Figtree arent you Byron? *

sally 14.09.12 - 08:23pm
I4ni's dont work for me *

shychic2 14.09.12 - 08:27pm
I dnt think it works for anybody, Sally lol *

ladibud 14.09.12 - 08:45pm
Yup his don't work for me either.... I did get to hear Wretcho the musical tho lol.. *

ladibud 14.09.12 - 08:49pm
Hey I like the group logo... Cheers.GIF whoever is responsible. *

so_sassy 14.09.12 - 09:02pm
I loved the singing lol *

so_sassy 14.09.12 - 09:06pm
And tranie the tough teddybear aww.GIF *

crail 14.09.12 - 09:12pm
Knew Wrechro was a bloke and I p*ssed my pants in fear listening to tranie, just don't hurt me tranie, were cool right. *

figtree 14.09.12 - 09:45pm
@sally, yeah I'm Byron. But it feels weird going around forums and everything with my real name. And it makes me scared sometimed. Heck I already have this Asian stalker who won't leave me alone. So yeah. Anyway. Who'd of known that this can happen on pro? Smile.GIF *

bobdylan 14.09.12 - 09:54pm
Aww so Kerry fails , phone hardly picks up her voice . Darn it would of been good too . I simply said oh look boobies on prodigies ans refused to show her the phone and promptly got bo11ocked *

crail 14.09.12 - 10:16pm
Haha half got it with the phone up to my ear. *

wretchro 15.09.12 - 11:18am
crail you're only jealous of my barry gruff kick.GIF and my deep voice.. *

fireyes 18.09.12 - 04:47pm
Can I reply in here? STUPID BAN. And over something r*tarded. Don't mention pros censors or the video sweeping through YouTube. You'll get banned *

so_sassy 19.09.12 - 01:05am
We need a free firey campaign. *

fireyes 19.09.12 - 02:40am
Ya know, it's like whatever. So what, another ban. First in a couple years. But when you leave the ban reason empty (although I know why) and ban length blank and ignore a courteous inbox asking. Then I get annoyed *

zzzombie 19.09.12 - 07:10pm
Sign me up. *

so_sassy 19.09.12 - 09:34pm
Its already over, victory lol *

shychic2 22.09.12 - 09:32am
Ya know, it keeps saying invalid group id when i try to post pics, *

shychic2 22.09.12 - 09:35am
Sorry, meant clips. *

ladibud 22.09.12 - 10:11pm
It is ur phone. What phone are u usin? Try laptop or pc? *

shadow27 23.09.12 - 04:47pm
it did the samr for my LG. you will have to use a laptop or pc, yes.

so_sassy 27.09.12 - 01:37am
I hope people keep adding and its an ongoing and not forgotten about. Its been wonderful.

byron.x 28.09.12 - 02:15am
Oh ish I really do have a singing/ rapping voice. Lol.GIF daydream.GIF Just listening to it.. *

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